Catch’s menu is only exceeded in scope by it’s big beautiful bi-level space with an equally good looking and fairly tall crowd. We got to the restaurant a little early and asked if we had time to grab a drink and were told absolutely. The drinks, especially the Kali( a spicy spin on the Margarita.) once served were very good spins on classics,  However, it would be nice if the bartenders actually ever looked up. While it was busy they were looking down to the point it was bizarre and getting a drink in a restaurant where the crowd is only one deep at the bar not 5 deep should not be so challenging for me or the good looking girls experiencing  the same next to us. Maybe bring a Flare Gun.

We then went up to the hostesses who were very gracious when we showed up and were told “checking which of the tables that just opened is yours” 10-minutes later…still checking…10 minutes later… checking which of the tables just opened is yours…finally a Manager asked if we were being helped…told him we showed up early, have been waiting a half hour+ and the hostess who was getting our table disappeared over five minutes ago. We were seated shortly after that and of note, management more then made up to us for the wait during the of dinner and I thank them for it.
to us.

Once seated service went from clueless to awesome. Our waitress couldn’t be more on top of her game, attentive to us, knowledgeable about the menu and just plain sweet. We ordered up Poseidon’s a twist on the old school Russian Vodka and Black combo and Iris’s an upscale twist on a Vodka and Grapefruit with bitters and mint. The menu is fairly large so instead of ordering entrees we went “tapas” style…actually we went crazy taking the term Seafood menu to new heights. We started from the sushi roll menu with the Grace roll a fresh out of the water combo of hamachi, salmon and  tuna and  a Zuma roll comprised of coconut crusted shrimp…if you love coconut like I do, order this. Both were great. Of note, next up came on the house orders of Crispy Shrimp in a nice spicy mayo and Sake Chicken in lettuce. Then came our Rice cakes with Tuna and Tobiko, Mahi Mahi Wonton shell tacos…more then enough to fill us up. Then the Lobster Mac and Lobster Rolls showed up…with a side of Brussels sprouts with bacon. Across the board we enjoyed everything with the sushi rolls, Mahi Mahi tacos and Lobsters rolls being our favorites.

Though we had more than enough to eat and were a bit stuffed we decided to get coffees which were very good and looked at the desert menu. The donuts came highly recommended but I’m a chocolate guy and the S’mores pizza with marshmallow ice cream for desert kinda had our name on it. If you love S’mores you will love these(three quarters of this came home)S’mores oddly enough seem to be showing up on menu’s all over and seem seem to be the new Black of deserts. Funny since we make them all the time at my brothers home and I grew up eating these camping with my Dad.

Overall the food and drinks were great and I will be back to try a number of the menu items I didn’t get to. Service in some areas can use some fine tuning…but I’m confident management will take care of it. It’s not exactly light seafood, a lot of the menu is a little rich, though if you ordered sushi and from the grilled fish section you can eat very healthily here…we did not, though we did eat well.

IMG_2138 IMG_2147 IMG_2146 IMG_2145 IMG_2144 IMG_2142 IMG_2139IMG_2148

Catch is located at 21 Ninth Ave (upstairs)


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