Bloody Bacon Mary

After finishing up an awesome brunch with a slab bacon topped Bloody Mary at Sweet Chick my cousin and I  headed over to check out the pool, lobby bar and rooftop bar at the King and Grove Hotel. The pool looks more SoBe then Brooklyn with  a mural in the back of a graffiti faced wall to keep it local(Before 5pm it’s $45 to get in and only $20 after 5pm which buy local standards is a pretty good deal). Food and drinks are avaiable poolside and in the lobby bar. Some of the slushies and cocktails sounded very good. We headed up to the Rooftop lounge which has a happy hour during the week and great views of NYC. After snapping away pics we headed off to walk off our brunch some more and went to Brooklyn Oenology.  I always though this was a wine store, but they have a bar as well. We ordered up an excellent Breuckelen Distilling 77 Wheat Whiskey with a pickle back. The bourbon tasted like spicy toasted banana’s(I may need a bottle of this).

We then headed further down North 3rd to Cantina Royale. This is a great little spot with really good food and great margaritas. I ordered up the Jalapeno margarita while mu cousin got the Pineapple margarita(I told him his girlfriend would be happy). Across the street and up  the block we went to  Depanneur(imagine your local deli with high locally sourced and imported goods) for Apollo’s by Sixpoint. Which they were out so we grabbed  a Diesel and a Beans from said brewery to try out once we stopped by my Cuz’s place. As we were leaving we saw a guy outside with sign for Clawhammerfarm Farms sitting by a cooler. When asked what the story was, turns out he was giving out free samples of locally sourced organic meat. I would have liked to grab some, but figured it would go bad walking around in the sun. Till I saw the Bacon…which I put in my cargo-shorts pocket. It was at least a pound if not more and cooked up great. It was Irish style…and highly recommended.

We then headed to my Cuz’s place so he could grab his backpack before we jumped on the L.The Sixpoint beers were both very good. Diesel is like a light Stout while Beans is like a shot of espresso and red bull in a dark stout. We decided for one more (famous last words) and  popped into Spike Hill  for pints of wheat beers. As we were walking out my cousin said one more? I was like sure…one. “.Charleston? Sure, I’ve never been…Say what? I know, I know it’s right across from the L…but never been(Opened back in the 1930’s so could be the oldest bar in town).We ordered up Gringo’s(Read Tecate,Whiskey and a Pickle bank). Since we were a little hungry again and plain personal sized pizza are only a $1($1 each additional topping ) we ordered up 1 plain and 1 with jalapeno bacon and pineapple. This was a case of you get more then you pay for…these were pretty good. Of course, we needed another round of Gringo’s. Well sated, it was time to head off into the sunset(actually the sun ha already set…)


King and Grove is located at 333 N12th
Brooklyn Oenology is located at 209 Wythe Ave
Cantina Royale is located at 58 N3rd
Depanneur is located is located at 242 Wythe Ave
Spike Hill is located at 186 Bedford Ave
Charleston is located at 174Bedford


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