I was recently  invited to an event by AFAR magazine held at new high end cocktail lounge Pouring Ribbons. It’s located upstairs on Avenue B which is one of the few remaining edgy streets in Manhattan. When you head up the stairs you ascend to a sweet speakeasy like space complete wood paneled walls ,a  blue ceilings with cool lighting fixtures hanging down from them and globe shaped lights on the walls. The bar is a nice long old school wooden bar and the space has quite a few small wooden cocktail tables for two.

Pouring Ribbons is all about crafting high end beverages that you want to drink slowly , enjoy them while trying to figure out the co-mingling,y of the favors. It’s not so much for vodka tonics and shots. Fear not though…these drinks pack a punch. For the event they offered 4 cocktails of which I had three, my  favorites were a whiskey based one with American Whiskey , orange liquor and bitters and a cool refreshing Twist on a Mojito with Vodka lime pink peppercorn tincture mint..

Pouring Ribbons does have a bar snacks menu, but the event was catered from local establishments including Meatball Shop, Baohaus, and Macaron  Parlor.  Which was a good thing because they also had a high end Del Maguey Mezcal tasting  and I had all six…good thing I ate so many meatballs.

If you’re looking for a great new spot for a date or to try some new cocktail concoctions  with friends check out Pouring Ribbons.  Of note, service was very good, the mixologists here are pro’s.

Pouring Ribbons Pouring Ribbons 2

Pouring Ribbons is located at 225 Avenue B


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