Boulton & Watt:

    On a rainy Labor Day after getting a little time up at the pool a bud called me for brunch. And I went down by him…after going threes few a places new and standbys he points out that Nice Guy Eddies is gone & has been replaced by Boulton & Watts. We go to look at the menu…we take one look at all the good looking girls in the windows and figures the food must be good right? It was great.

I started with a Bloody Boulton(only $5 at brunch) their version on the classic with BBQ twist and a cup of coffee(big cup, good quality, Bloomberg would ban it) my bud went OJ. Boulton & Watts has a Pickle Jar selection of pickled veggies and fruits that looked very interesting so we tried one. It was a tough choice but the the Pineapple, Habernero ,Mint, and Basil caught my eye and the combo of sweet, heat, and cool worked rather well. Of note, this is available as a pickle back and would be great.

The menu had for once too many things I wanted, in the end we choose from the Benedict menu the house-made pork sausage and spinach, topped with Sriracha Hollandaise and home fries. The smokey pork worked great with the heat from the Sriracha sauce and I love spinach, plus it made me feel like I was eating healthy:). The Fried Oyster Omelet sounded great but so did the Trucker Cheddar grits with chorizo and tomatillo topped with an egg. It was awesome all the flavors playing off each other in the cheesy grits. It worked great as an entree and is pretty big, it would work great as well s a side for a group.

Boulton & Watt is a great addition to the neighborhood for Brunch, Dinner(my bud raved about their Blackened Brick Oven Chicken) and to catch some games on their well spaced and placed Flat-screens throughout the restaurant. Every neighborhood could use a spot like this.

Boulton & Watt: Boulton & Watt: Boulton & Watt: Boulton & Watt: Boulton & Watt:

Boulton & Watt is located at 5 East Avenue A


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