Hendriks is part of a new wave of restaurants that have been opening up in Murray Hill lately.  It’s a good looking place inside which come in short supply in Murray Hill. It looks like the love child of a Gastropub and Wine bar with a marble bar, mood lighting, and dark wood tables. It’s geared not so much for the Frat Pack, but for a post 30’s crowd. It’s where you come for a drink vs a place to get drunk. Where you come to eat vs something to soak up shots.

I came with a bud who wanted something other then just a burger at a Sports bar in my hood for a change of pace. We ordered up a couple of Goose Island  IPA’s to drink while perusing the appetizers. We decided on ad ordered up the Lamb Meatballs(3) in a Romesco sauce(Spanish Red Pepper based sauce) which were very good and a nice spin on your traditional meatballs in red sauce.

For our mains my bud ordered up the Lobster and Avocado Salad upon the waitress’s recommendation. Of note, if you’re a guy…and you’re hungry you have to keep in mind that what fills up your fit and cute waitress may not be what’s going to fill you up. Though it wasn’t quite as large (in all fairness, if it has Lobster and it’s under $20…don’t expect big and filling) as he was hoping for he did say it was very good. Looked like it would have been a great starter before my steak if we didn’t have the lamb meatballs:) I ordered up their Flat Iron Steak sitting on top of potatoes and mushrooms which was rather filling. It was cooked exactly as ordered and was pretty good. The Desert menu looked good but nothing caught our eye so I ordered up another Goose Island IPA for mine.

All in all a nice addition to the neighborhood with very fairly priced entrees, a good looking space and laid back vibe.

Hendriks Hendriks

Hendriks is located at 557 3rd Avenue


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