Konditori is a sleek little space for a great cup of coffee on Allen Street . It’s Swedish for “meeting place”, a place for a Coffee break. The Swedish Roast I had was an exceptional cup of coffee and a large was only $ 2.95. They have the usual suspects for those of you who prefer something fancier then drip.To eat they have a far better selection to choose from than most coffee bars. Konditori has  a great selection of fresh baked still in the baking pan muffins that include blueberry banana and zucchini carrot peach which is what I went for. It was really moist and like Clifford Worley(bonus points for guessing what actor said the quote and in what move)said…tastes like a peach”. They also have some Swedish treats including cardamon bread, kanelbulle and coco balls . Since it is located in the LES they have bagels that looked great with a choice if cream cheeses.

Konditori a great little spot and thought this neighborhood has some good places for coffee, Konditori does stand out with great coffee and a far better then average selection of eats and treats to go with you caffeine fix.

IMG_2294 IMG_2292

Konditori is located at 182 Allen Street (They also have a location in Williamsburg right across from the L on Bedford)


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