Blue Ribbon Friend Chicken

I’ve been eating at Blue Ribbon Restaurants for years now so when I passed by here a few months ago when it was just getting set up and googled it to find out it was indeed part of the Bromberg empire I was psyched. Fried Chicken is currently the “new meatball” meaning the current comfort food many of us grew up on that is now in vogue…and oh does Blue Ribbon do it right. The secret recipe batter is delicious and a bit spicier then most…but fear not, it’s not hot, just very tasty. They offer a number of flavored honey’s to dip it in.

You have have a number of “parts” to choose from, breast , thigh, wings ,even beaks(well stuff between tail and beak), etc.. to put together your own plate or choose one of the set meals that come with pickled cucumber, fries and a sweet corn roll. They also have Chicken Burgers, Salads and Sides. I decided to put my own combo together and choose a breast, a mighty wing, and an order of the potato wedges. The chicken was grease-less and literally finger-licking good. Though it didn’t need it I still tried two of the honeys to dip it in. While I liked the Chipolte, I preferred the Wildflower with it. The potato wedges were perfectly fried as well and also dusted with an amazing spice mix.

To drink they have Montauk Iced Tea(I’m a big fan of this brand), Hubert’s Lemon and Lime ade’s(need to try it), soda, water, and beer. For desert they offer their own ice creams with some very cool flavors(see pic). I love Bourbon so tried the Spiked Bourbon Street. This is very high quality rich and creamy ice cream and if you like Bourbon you will be rather happy with this flavor…can’t wait to try the others. Of note, the staff is very friendly and cool. Another great addition to what is becoming my favorite “food nexus”…

IMG_2353 IMG_2352 ICBRFC

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is located at 28 East First Street


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