Patagonia Surf
I’ve been a Patagonia fan and client for years now. Originally for the capilene and fleece for skiing and then their board shorts, organic cotton T’s and luggage for trips to Costa Rica and the like. After finishing up some work and grabbing coffee and lunch downtown while heading home up Bowery I literally stumbled into the first hour of their new awesome Surf shop’s Grand Opening. The space is epic…it’s huge and stocked with Long and Short boards, Wetsuits, Board-shorts, capilene, fleece, Books, Movie’s, Art, and accessories. Though most of the goods are Patagonia’s own, not all are. For instance they carry Da Fin fins which I own and I think is a great example of the kind of gear they are going to carry.

The staff is great, very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. They don’t just sell this stuff, they use it. When you ask about a product…they might just pull out their smart-phone and show you them in action using it! I saw them do this for a customer when they inquiring about a Bodysurfing Hand Planes(kinda look like mini short boards about 12-16 inches). I’m tempted to pick one of these one myself, but then I’m going to need a wetsuit, booties for my fins, a Blackhole duffel (Santa you taking notes here?)…plus I like the fish and trident logo T….

What I love about this store is that it’s part of a recent “wave” of stores with personality that carry great gear with staff that know their stuff vs what was becoming the “mallification of Manhattan. So whether you track storms searching for waves or a “grom” that just wants that Surfer look Patagonia Surf likely has what you are looking for. Plus is their any look cooler then that of a Surfer? That’s like asking is their anything more beautiful then a girl in a bikini rocking it on a wave…:)


Patagonia Surf is located at 313 Bowery

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