Bagel Boss of Long Island (Hicksville, Merrick, etc) recently had a grand opening for their newest location in Murray Hill. I went prime time on a recent Sunday and though the line  was long, the staff does a good job of moving it fairly quickly. They have a wide variety of bagels including aside from the usual suspects, Egg Everything, Black Russians(marble) and flagels(flat bagels), plus these bagels are large . To spread on your bagel they have  scallion, walnut raisin, lox, just to name a few cream cheeses. In the appetizer section they have old school belly lox, sable, whole whitefish, slabs of pickled herring with or w/o cream sauce and onions. They also have  Blitzes that look like they just came out of your Grandmothers oven.

For those in the mood for something other then a bagel they have a number of wraps, salads, etc… to choose from. Half a dozen version of tuna salad and a number of egg salads. I got the Spicy Tuna(shocking huh?) which was great. High quality tuna, light on the mayo and just the right amount of jalapeno to give it some bite.

Of note, I went back before I put up this piece (Saturdays not as crazy busy…yet) up and had their Whitefish Salad and Walnut Raisin Cream Cheese. Their Whitefish is superb, full of chunks of fresh whitefish and like the tuna, light on the mayo. Though I’m more of a lox and scallion guy…variety is the spice of life so I picked up the walnut raisin cream cheese.  lt too was excellent and full of said ingredients and cinnamon goodness. Bagel Boss is a great addition to Murray Hill.

IMG_2337 IMG_2336 IMG_2334

Bagel Boss is located at 569 3rd Avenue


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