Walking down Ninth Avenue and starving on my way back to my office I pass by Room Service and take a peak in. I see a long narrow black, white and grey space with chandelier like lighting, an L shaped marble bar, sculptures, very pretty waitresses in black cocktail dresses and an interesting looking menu. How could I not  grab a seat at the bar and if this place brings back memories from Bangkok.

Room Services’ very large multi-page menu is full of noodle dishes, curries, appetizers, salads and Bangkok style specials. The food is more “Americanized” Thai taste wise then hardcore(spicy like I like it:), but the food does happen to be very flavorful. The Lunch menu starts at $6.90 and comes with an appetizer(quite a few choices), plus for an extra $1.50 a soup or a salad. I ordered from the lunch menu the Spicy Basil Noodles with Shrimp, the chicken and shrimp dumplings for my appi and chicken w/mushrooms Tom Yum Kung. The soup was very flagrant and lemongrass flavorful, just not spicy as I’m used to…though I really enjoyed it nonetheless. The dumplings tasty and I really loved the Spicy Basil noodles. I’m looking forward to working my way thought this menu some more. As for my memories from Bangkok…what happens in…

Room Service is located at 690 9th Avenue


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