My brother and I love to argue over how spicy something is. The truth as in many cases is somewhere in the middle. In all fairness I’m the worst barometer of how hot something is, so when he says he loves the food here, just sometimes has trouble with how spicy stuff is I’m skeptical. Having said that the food and drinks here are exceptional, they have some heat but are more smoky and flavorful then spicy. Thus, Hell’s Kitchen can accommodate those who don’t like too spicy with those who order the Spicy Margarita to start their meal. Of note, this is high end Mexican with a lot of seafood vs Tex-Mex beef and beans.

To start corn bread and a bead spread is brought to the table…puts most bread and butter to shame. Next out came my Smokey Spicy Margarita …more smokey, than spicy but it was muy bueno. For our appi’s we ordered up the Scallops in a Cucumber Salsa with Serrano sauce and the Ancho Crusted Tuna Tostadas with Grilled Pineapple, Two Pepper Sauce, and Guac. Both were muy bueno, but the funny thing was my bro thought the tuna might be too spicy, it wasn’t, not even for him…but the Serrano sauce for the Scallops was…so I slathered my portion in it. We were hungry so we also got a side of Guac with crispy homemade Guajillo corn chips…and these are no ordinarily chips, these are flash fried twists of delight. Some of the best I’ve had.

For our entrees we managed to agree on 2 selections from the taco menu. The Pasilla Braised Sirloin with Tamarind Sauce, Pinto Beans, and Queso Oaxaca and the Pan Seared Sea Bass with coleslaw, passion fruit aioli, Serrano sauce, and guacamole. Three come to a portion, they were both far superior to most tacos I’ve had. While  both were excellent I love a good fish taco so I had two of them while my bro enjoyed the Pasailla peppers burst of flavor on the steak without the heat. If you’re looking for some authentic twists on modern Mexican food you don’t need to go to Mexico City, we have it right here in the West 40’s…Oh least I forget…the Watermelon Margarita was rather tasty and refreshing as well…


Hell’s Kitchen is located at 679 9th Avenue


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