Rosarito Chiliquiles

I love Chilaquiles and while I was looking through menus to find a spot for a Sunday Brunch I came across Chiliquiles with Shrimp on Rosarita Fish Shack’s menu. The rest of the menu had plenty to choose from as well so this was the place.The place inside literally looks like a fish shack in Mexico by the beach with seating inside and out. We took a table inside right by the window, best of both worlds.  Swaying to the sound of Bossa Nova music my dining companions blue green eyes moved up and down the menu eventually deciding on tuna ceviche for us to share to start and the Omelet with spinach, mushrooms and cheese for her main. I ordered up the Chiliquiles.

For drinks she ordered up a White Sangria(finished every last piece of sangria soaked fruit) and I a Negro Mondelo on tap. We were informed that we would have to wait till noon(it was 11:50am) before our drinks could be served… I didn’t realize Blue Laws were still in effect. Also, turned out the Ceviche ready wasn’t yet, another 15-20. Though it sounded really good we were hungry so decided to just go with our entrees.

The Chiliquiles soaked in their tomato chile de arbol salsa topped with crema, fried eggs and shrimp were great. A nice size portion, flavorful salsa, perfectly cooked eggs and succulent garlic shrimp made a great twist on one of my favorite brunch dishes. The Omelet was also exceptional and green. Perfectly cooked and served with tasty hash browns and a side salad. Rosarita Fish Shack is another great brunch spot to add to your list. Just keep in mind if you want to drink or want ceviches to come at noon or later. Come to think of it, I need to come here to try those ceviches and some other menu items that caught my eye…


Rosarito Fish Shack is located at 168 Whyte Street


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