Shelter Pizza

While heading down to the waterfront in Williamsburg with a group of friends on a beautiful sunny Saturday I see a sign next door to Rosarita’s that says Shelter with a blackboard that read “2 for 1 beers 3-7pm everyday”. We take a peak inside and see this huge bi-level space looks like a hunting lodge with antler chandeliers, furry bar stools and lots of big long wooden tables. It was too nice to go inside at the time, but a short time later we were back and sat down at one of the outdoor tables. They have a great selection of beer on tap(plenty in bottles as well, along with a nice selection of vino and well stocked bar) and we ordered pints of Troegs Dream Weaver(a very good wheat beer), Cider and Duval…yes on tap.

We kept looking at the menu and while finishing our second round went inside and grabbed one of the couches in the back. We started with two orders of the Beet Salad comprised of sweet red and yellow beets, greens and quinoa…which gave it a nice nutty flavor. From the Brick Oven we tried a few of the Empanadas($4 each, 2 minimum) the Shrimp, the Mushroom and the Chorizo. These were all very good and making them in the brick oven was a nice twist. However I do need to point out two things. One was though again these were very good, they were more like mini calzones and pies. Also, I felt some were misnamed. The shrimp were spot on and loaded with them, but the Mushroom were more Kale and cheese with some mushrooms and the Chorizo were more mushroom with some Chorizo.

We also tried two pies from the Pizza menu. A  Margarita and the 4 Stagioni(artichoke, olives, cheese, and prosciutto cotto). They were both great, perfectly charred(that Brick Oven works some magic) with a nice amount of toppings. I usually don’t eat the crust, but this one was exceptional. One thing I really liked was that they didn’t taste like traditional Italian pies since they were light on the sauce. I say this because they were excellent though didn’t taste like what I can grab by the slice at a regular joint. Shelter is a great spot for a group or a date. The Happy Hour is a great deal…but make sure see what that Brick Oven can do for you….


Shelter is located at 80 N7th


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