Another great coffee bar has landed from down under. Bluestone Lane is a cubby hole sized space loaded with personality and very good coffee in the Atrium of 850 3rd Avenue. I usually go Drip through I have been somewhat converted to pour overs when available. However when in Oz so to speak I decided to go Flat White. It’s Oz’s version of a cappuccino but a lot less frothy with 2 shots of espresso to give it some punch. Since I didn’t grow up on them I will have to leave that to a native to confirm if they nailed it. However I am a big espresso fan and this was good stuff…

This area is fairly lacking for good coffee spots so Bluestone Lane is most welcome. Plus while there space is small the Atrium has plenty of seating in a nice tranquil setting. I recently went to the new location downtown that just opened. It’s a bigger space with some room to sit down. Here I had a pour over of a single origin from Guatemala that was rich and spectacular. Of note, though the address is 30 Broad…it’s in the back of the building and actually located on New Street. It’s fairly well hidden, though like most good things…well worth  the search.

Bluestone Lane Coffee is located in the Atrium level of 805 3rd ave and 30 Broad assesed via New Street


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