I was invited recently by a bud to the Dead Rabbit to catch up over drinks. He knows I have a thing for well crafted cocktails and I had heard good things about the spot so was up for checking it out. They have a rather large selection of drinks that are broken up into groups that include Highballs, Cocktails, Punches, Pop Inn’s, Wines, Spirits, and Beers. I’m primarily a Gin or Whiskey guy when it comes to mixed drinks…when I’m not drinking Tequila, Rum or possibly Vodka. Thus choosing a drink was a rather daunting task…luckily the first drink on the Cocktails section, the Tipperary a twist on the classic Manhattan looked like the perfect drink to see what they could do here. My bartendress expertly mixed up the drink, served it, smiled and ask what I thought…while it tasted somewhat like a Manhattan it had a grapefruit thing going on that really worked and made it it’s own unique drink.

Getting hungry I was surprised to see the size and diversity of the menu(I didn’t even know they served food). While the Oyster Po Boy sounded good I needed something more substantial and choose the Corned Beef sandwich with a side of pickled veggies. Turns out this Dead Rabbit has quite a few tricks up it’s sleeve. When I bit into this sandwich I think I had a tantric orgasm…I was blown away how moist and succulent the meat was. Quite possibly it’s the Best Corned sandwich ever…though unlike any I’ve had before. It’s not cut lean like sandwich meat, it’s thick cut like brisket and has some cheese on it.  Some Coleman’s mustard didn’t hurt, but it’s so flavorful not really required. The pickled veggies I think perfectly complemented the brined Corned Beef, though fries are available if you prefer.

My bud started with the Smoked Salmon on potato pancakes topped with dill creme fraiche and caviar. They looked outrageous but I was too busy stuffing my face with corned beef. We then ordered another round this time I went with their hand pulled draft (made for them by Six Point.) a nice Dark Ale which went perfectly with the sandwich. Next up my friend had the Cumberland Sausage roll with bacon wrapped in pastry that was another hit. I will definitely be back to not only work my way through both the drink and food menu’s…but for another one of my new favorite sandwiches…the Dead Rabbit’s off the charts Corned Beef. Of note, the bar staff was great, not only mixing up elixirs of delight, but friendly and full of personality as well.


The Dead Rabbit is located at 30 Water Street


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