I love the resurgence of all the great comfort foods from childhood and the Grilled Cheese sandwich is most definitely one of them. At Melt Shop they have come a long way from the white bread, yellow out of a cellophane wrapper American cheese grilled cheese and tomato ones I used to love as a kid. Melt Shop offers a variety of twists on the classic From basic grilled cheese for $5 to a Fried Chicken Reuben for $9. For an extra $3.50 you can add soup and cold beverage.

From Melt Shop’s menu I chose the Smoked Turkey Reuben – turkey, swiss, red cabbage slaw and “melt sauce” on Rye and it was delish…all the ingredients melding perfectly together. Just keep in mind, this is a grilled cheese sandwich not a giant sized Jewish Deli/ Greek Diner sandwich. With the tasty tomato soup I was full without being stuffed. As part of my special I enjoyed an Arnold Palmer as my beverage. They also have Lemonades, Soda, and some of my favorite coffee Stumpton’s. If you’re looking for something to warm you up, fill you up while bringing back some fond childhood memories add Melt Shop to your list…

Melt Shop is located in the outside area of the Citicorp building at 601 Lexington Avenue


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