The White Negroni is not a place, though at times it can be a state of mind. It quite simply, like the Boulevardier is a an update on the classic Negroni. I originally discovered these at  Amor y Amargo. They have an excellent selection of drinks and you can buy their  bitters and bar supplies as well. PDT and Dutch Kills also make them and if i remember correctly PDT invented them. For the White Negroni…

White Negroni
Gin – Use a good London Dry Gin, but noting too high end, save those for Martini’s and the like. I currently use Brokers, it is excellent, though packs quite a punch.

Vermouth – I use Dolin Blanc

Aperitif – The classic red version uses Campari, you replace that with a fortified wine. When I first started making these I used Bitterman’s Grapefruit or Orange Liquors and still do. However recently the guys at Astor Wines turned me onto  Kina L’Avion d’Or (it also makes a phenomonal Vesper) a Lillet that is closer to the original recipe and absolutely delicious. You could easily drink this straight up.

Bitter- I add bitters as well. A good Citrus like Hell’s Bitters, Bitterman’s Hopped Grapefruit or a Fee Brothers Orange works best.

To make the drink quite simply pour equal parts of the liquors with some shakes of the bitters into a glass with ice. Stir. Pour into a glass with ice and add a twist of grapefruit or lemon. Sip…drink…enjoy…repeat..

I also like Gin and Tonic’s and Spain’s fascination with the adding of infused bitters, herbs, fruit, etc has finally caught on here. A few ways I like to enjoy them at home is by adding bitters. Lavender I find is my favorite. I also have a great Hibiscus based one from Bittermans. I also like to sometimes add just a teaspoon of either Apertol or Rose Combier(Rose flowered triple sec that is amazing for margaritas) The real key here though is to use a good quality Tonic. My favorites are Fever Tree and Q Tonic. They make a drastic difference from using the overly sugared up stuff usually used.

As an added bonus a new drink that may be my cocktail of choice this winter. It’s called a Boulevardier and it’s a variation of a Negroni. I believe the Dead Rabbit serves these, though they use another name. You substitute Whisky for the Gin. My recipe is equal parts

Aperol (Frequently used in Gin based drinks, not as strong or bitter as Campari)
Cocchi Americano – Another Aperitif that is a great addition to your home bar. Again you could use the Kina or like Lillet.

Stir together pour into glass with ice with a twist of citrus peel(I like grapefruit) and I also hit it with some citrus bitters…I like drinking these slow…


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