Han Dynasty has arrived in the East Village from Philly, my understanding it’s one of that city’s top Chinese restaurants. I popped in to check out the “soft opening” for lunch recently to see if it lives up to the hype in regards to how spicy the food is. Decor wise, Han Dynasty has gold ocher walls adorned with Asian influenced paintings,black laquer tables with dark wooden chairs and an L shaped bar with craft beers on tap. Their lunch specials go for $8-$11 bucks, which are fairly priced for the quality of the food…but do not come with a soup or starter. They should add for an extra $2 a soup, fried rice or something. The full menu of hot and cold appetizers and entrees is served during lunch and dinner looked fairly priced with most appetizers under $10.00 and entrees under $20.00. Those portions looked a lot bigger and may be the way to go.

The spiciness of the dishes are rated on a scale from 1-10 as to hot they are. I will have to come back for further research since I do like the food…but I guess what’s considered hot in Philly is not necessarily so hot in NYC. The reviews on the Philly location I read after eating here all rave about how hot and spicy the food is, how you have to be careful what you order. I did not find that to be the case whatsoever. The Dry Hot Pepper Chicken which is lightly fried in hot oil and coated in flour is rated an 8, which I would expect to be very hot. Thought it has some heat to it…I would give it a 5 at best. The Long Hot Pepper Beef was rated a 3. It was very flavorful and I liked it a lot…but if you’re looking for heat order a different beef dish, it wasn’t hot at all. For these who don’t like spicy food this dish will be perfect for you.

In all fairness I went during their soft opening, only tried two dishes and I did enjoy them…yet if asked “Is Han Dynasty the place to go for a new heat seeking sensation?”…not from what I’ve had thus far. Welcome to New York…I’d like to see some more “heat” from this kitchen while maintaining the flavor…

Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty is located at 90 2nd Avenue   


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