One thing I always love about this city is discovering places for the first time that been around for years(est 1906!). One of my brothers clients raved to him about the best place to buy fresh pasta in NYC and how fairly priced it is. I looked Raffetto’s up and saw it was just a bit, a tiny bit north on West Houston from where I usually bounce around. They offer a wide variety of fresh pastas by the pound in a variety of flavors(average $3)They literally cut it right there as you order it. Dried  pastas in various shapes are available as well. Their Ravioli come in three sizes and again in a large variety of flavors (average $6 for 16-22oz’s)

They also carry a number of sauces and pestos for your pasta. Olive oils and vinegars for your salads and cooking,  Italian cold cuts, cheeses, sausages, prepared foods and some deserts round out the selection. I purchased the Meat and Spinach Ravioli, Wild Mushroom Ravioli and some Bolognese sauce. I had the meat and spinach ravioli with the Bolognese last night and loved it. The ravioli was remarkably fresh(cooks up in 6 minutes) and stuffed with meat and their sauce was like your Grandma would make.

The quality of the food and the pricing for it harkens back to the gentler and simpler times you hear your parents talk about. I wish there were more places like this left in NYC. Raffeltto’s  has a new customer…

Rafetto’s is located at 144 West Houston


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