While walking along the north side of Bedford or what I call Soho East I couldn’t help but notice as I crossed Grand that all of a sudden I thought I was in the Bronx…then a block later I’m in not quite back in “hipsterville” but it’s East Village like sister Bedford South. We were looking for somewhere new and exciting and after checking out a few menu’s(Bedford South is loaded with cool looking spots) we decided on Simple Cafe’s buffet brunch.

Simple Cafe is a cute little place with wooden tables and chairs and a square bar area for the buffet and some room to sit. Simple Cafe’s Buffet Brunch includes bacon(which I tried to convince a couple of cute girls it was bad for them, yet they still took the remaining pieces…luckily a fresh batch came out shortly thereafter) pancakes, potatoes gratin, sauteed veggies, Quinoa salad(nutritious and delicious…I really love this stuff) mixed greens, jamon,cheeses, nutella and jams. Of note, the scrambled eggs(they bring enough to be a meal) and fresh baked bread (which was delicious) are not up on the buffet table but served table side. Included with all this fresh made and tasty food is a big mug of Coffee and jar of OJ for only….drum roll please… $13.95.

Of course since it was Brunch I had to try their Bloody Mary that they call a Simple Mary ($9) which were anything but basic. If anything it was simply spot on and delicious. Buffet’s for me are generally not a good thing because my willpower goes out the window and with everything on the buffet being rather yummy I filled up twice. Of note, if you don’t want the buffet they have a full menu with a nice selection of omelette’s, sandwiches and salads that looked really good. Service was good considering it was a buffet and they do get a rather good looking crowd that likes it’s bacon.  Add Simple Cafe to your Brunch Spots list…

IMG_2660 IMG_2658

Simple Cafe is located at 346 Bedford on the south side of Williamsburg


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