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Here’s a twist on fusion cuisine for you, a Greek-Latin Cafe Via Venezuelans of Greek decent. They carry both savory and sweet treats. On the savory side they have Empanadas, mini pies, Moussaka etc…on the sweet side a variety of pastries from both cultures such as Argentinian Alfajores  and Greek Galaktoboureko. I ordered a Chicken Chipotle and a Spinach Portabello Mushroom empanadas(the Argentinian Beef was was already sold out) Both were filled with high quality tasty fillings and were very good.

As good as they were, the highlight of my meal was the Frog Crown’s little secret treat…a Coconut Latte. Yes you read that right, a Coconut Latte. They use a special recipe made of Coconut pulp to act as the liquid base and if you’re as nuts for Coconut as I am…here’s your new Winter warming treat. You really need to taste one of these for yourself. Now if they can combine this with their Venezuelan Hot Chocolate…

The Frog’s Crown Cafe is located at 204 West Broadway


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