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Pop Illusionist Bertho latest showing at Martin Lawrence Galleries is full of  his quirky characters, polka dots and bold graphics. However, what sets his new works apart from his past body of work is that he has moved his figures from the background into the forefront as bigger bolder figures that take up the majority of the canvas. I’ve always found his work intriguing and as I write this and look across my wall at the piece I own I can’t get over how on a flat service he literally makes his works pop from the canvas.

Bertho happens to be one of the artists I’ve had the opportunity to chat the most with over the years and though I usually have to go through an interpreter it’s always interesting what does translate. This time it turns out we both share an appreciation for good Whiskey. Bertho’s work captivate your imagination and he is one of today’s Artists that I believe will be spoken of for years to come.  Stop by to see how this Master mixes and weaves together Pop Art with classically trained portraiture for yourself.

IMG_2704 IMG_2696 IMG_2695

Martin Lawrence Galleries is located at 457 West Broadway


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