Clarke's Green Chile Cheeseburger

On my way to a meeting with little time to spare and starving I saw Clarke’s Standard across the street and decided to give them a try.  Clarke’s Standard has a number of different burgers on their menu(turkey, veggie, w/bacon, au poivre) but when I saw the Green Chilies Cheeseburger ($7.15.) decision done. It was cooked perfectly and exactly as ordered… rare, very. The beef was of very good quality, nice sized for the price and the green chilies had some nice heat to them. Quite simply one of the best If not the best burger under $10 I’ve had. Aside from the usual sodas to drink they have some great iced teas..I had the Thea’s English Dandelion Mint tea. They also make Milkshakes that along with their fries I will need to try on a future visit. These burgers are far from ordinary…they are setting the standard for  great fairly priced burgers in NYC…

Clarke’s Standard is located at 636 Lexington Ave and locations throughout NYC


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