On my way down North 7th in Williamsburg  I’m trying to decide which coffee house should I pop in for a Hot Chocolate when right in front of the Brooklyn Flea is a guy standing behind a table being given instructions (read orders) as to how exactly she wants her hot chocolate from a cute little 5yr old girl. Not too hot…don’t forget the lid…no I don’t need the peppermint stick… too the point her Dad kept saying “manners honey”.

On the table I see a bunch of different ciders and said Hot Chocolate. When asked how they make it and told they use solid chocolates I order one up. While first saying no to the Candy Cane it hits me…wait…Peppermint. While it tasted great solo the Candy Cane really did infuse it with a burst of mint flavor. While it wasn’t thick it was so flavorful it tasted so…rich but not too much so. Winter Warmers has a brick n’mortar in Park Slope on Union where they also carry a variety of S’mores.  I’m curious to see what else these guys are going to whip up this season

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