I had Brunch plans a few weeks back to come to Left Coast Kitchen with my family, but they guy scuttled due to schedule conflicts. So when lunch come up before I jumped back on the LIRR to head home on Black Friday I figured lets try lunch. Inside it’s a Pub like atmosphere with wooden tables and iron wrought  chairs and a tin ceiling. Right after you are seated a bucket of well seasoned and buttered popcorn shows up to get your taste buds flowing.

I looked up the menu on-line so pretty much knew I was going to start with their French Onion Chowder. That is not a typo…it’s sherry infused French onion soup floating on top of potato bacon chowder with french bread covered with tasty Gruyere cheese melted on top. This tasted even better then it sounds and was one of the best soups I’ve ever had. I was going to get the Lobster Roll but since I was sharing the entree went with the Lobster Cobb Salad. It was loaded with fresh lobster salad, chopped egg, bacon, blue cheese, broccoli, string beans, sitting on top of f iceberg lettuce with a great Ranch dressing. This is easily big enough for two to share with a soup or appetizer to start . We also ordered the Mediterranean Nosh comprised of olive and big cubes of feta salad, capponada, a tasty mini spinach pie, hummus, and pita. The spinach pie was really something. The Desert menu looked interesting but I had a train to make so, next time…plus I really need to try their Brunch.

IMG_2765 IMG_2763

Left Coast Kitchen is located at 1810 Merrick Road in Merrick Long Island


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