It was Friday, raining out, cold and after another long week…someone needed a beverage. Maybe some food as well, nothing heavy…but tasty and tapas like so maybe I could have another or so. After some brief deliberation my friends and I decided on the East Village and I wanted to check out Poco’s new drinks and menu. Though I normally start with the drink that started my relationship with Poco…their Jalapeno Margarita, I decided to give one of the seasonal drinks a shot. I love Bourbon so the New Old Fashioned(Bourbon, Acai Liqueur, Agave, bitters & some fruit) had my name on it…plus I liked the Latin spin they put on it with the Acai liquor. If you like cherries order one…A few of my friends enjoyed them as well while a few went with the Poco classic Blood Orange Mojito.

Next up was some food(after I ordered a Jalapeno Margarita)  in the form of Poco’s creative Tapas and twists on classics. We started with Bacon wrapped Dates that tasted like desert …love these, some Sliders that pack some punch due to high quality Angus beef being used, thick stalks of Fried Asparagus Fries, some Chicken and Mushroom Croquet’s and an order of the Calamari that was perfectly lightly fried with bursts of flavor via some Latin peppers and bacon….yes, bacon does make everything better. All these great Tapas are available at Happy Hour for only $5 each.

I then started chatting with the friendly staff about what we liked best and what we like that we are seeing in not only NYC’s restaurant scene but what we’ve found in our travels…it was here that I brought up Spain’s fascination with Flavoring Gin n Tonics and we started experimenting with the various bitters Poco has on hand…more details to follow…

IMG_2779 IMG_2778

Poco is located at 33 Avenue B


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