“You guys are going to Mission Taco?!?…You will never get in…every night the lines are huge!” Undaunted we headed over and we walked right in. Now in all fairness it was 10:30pm,totally arctic outside and a Wednesday night with a lot of holidays parties going on…but like the saying goes…”Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Plus, I love Mission Chinese…so I could not wait to see what Chef Danny Bowien was going to do fusing Asian flavors into a Mexican Taqueria.

This is not your typical menu by any wild stretch of the imagination. To start we choose from the appetiser section of the menu the Arctic Char Ceviche which was very flavorful yet not spicy. I mention this because Mission Chinese’s food is generally pretty to very hot while though there is some heat here as well… not nearly as much. However, next up were the Chicken Wings with Mole spices covered in cotija cheese which were great, like no wings I’ve had before, pretty spicy…just not as incendiary as the version at Mission Chinese which are crazy hot (yet sweet & delish).

We then tried a couple of Tacos from the 12 on the menu. Again, for the most part you are not going to find tacos like this elsewhere. For example when was the last time you had Buffalo Wing braised Octopus tacos in green onion salsa or Brisket and Bacon with Queso tacos? They were both excellent, very flavorful and like nothing I’ve had in any of even the better Taqueria’s in town.

I washed my food down with their tasty version of a Michelada while my bud had their Dirty Horchata which was good, though tasted more like a desert drink to me. Though if you don’t want beer this will work well to counteract any of the dishes with heat. All in all Mission Cantina is another hit. While some dishes are spicy, overall it’s not as spicy as most of the items on the Mission Chinese menu. If you’re looking for something different, while still being tasty,enjoy Latin Asian fusion cuisine and Mexican food along with some heat…you need to put Mission Cantina on your hit list…

IMG_2825 IMG_2822 IMG_2821

Mission Cantina is located at 172 Orchard Street


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