Adobo Shack Filipino Rice Bowls

In a city full of restaurants that represent cultures from all across the globe it’s good to see that some that are less represented then others are moving into the limelight. For instance Filipino food. I’ve noticed a bunch popping up recently and was looking forward to trying some.

While at the new Smorgasburg Winter I was trying to decide what I wanted for lunch from all the mouth-watering choices. I’ve had a number of great stuff over the last couple of summers but was looking for sometime new and then Bam! I see Adobo Shack Rice Bowls Filipino style. They have three(3) sauces to choose from, Bikol(Coconut Milk based), Adobo(garlic soy) and Afritada(chipolte tomato) and three(3) toppings Heritage Pork Belly, Organic Chicken and Tofu Mushroom. Lastly you choose how hot spicy you want it…Not, Medium, or Hot. All Rice Bowls come with brown rice, pickled veggies, and greens…all for only $10 (+$2 to add egg).

I ordered the Bikol topped with Heritage Pork Belly…Hot. It was absolutely delicious. While it was somewhat similar to food I’ve had in Thailand and Vietnam it most definitely had it’s own unique flavors going on. I’m looking forward to trying out some more Filipino cuisine now that my taste buds are piqued and look forward to the “brick ‘n mortar” location in the West Village that they will be opening with an expanded menu that includes a variety of Spring Rolls.


Adobo Shack is located in Smorgasbord Winter at 80 North 5th Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn


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