BFB Kramer

Looking to see if anything new popped up in the Meatpacking to grab a quick lunch I walk by what was the Malt and Mash space that has been taken over by the BFB (Yup, Best F…… Burgers) Pop up that was working out of it. It’s a great and very cool, large space for a burger joint. Up front is an L shaped marble bar, tables are a mix of high tops and banquette against the walls , floors are wooden floorboards and the columns rather rustic looking giving the place the look and feel that’s it’s been around forever.

The menu is of course primarily burgers with a few sandwiches, salads and sides. The burgers are 6oz Pat Lafrida and come a number of ways. I went with the Kramer which has caramelized onions and Swiss cheese. For my side I went VIP Fries with Bacon seasoning. The fries looked like basic Mickey D’s with some crumbled bacon, yet tasted even better then I had expected…if you love Bacon order these. As for the burger, it’s a pretty damn good burger living up to it’s name. The Chef actually thanked me for ordering it rare…the mix is a custom blend he created. Plus, the burgers here are primarily under $10(the exception being the Hindenburg which is a double burger with the works) and filling. I’ve had enough of the $20+ burger wave and I love that more places like this are popping up.

BFB is located at 53-61 Gansevoort Street


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