Winter Spicy Ramen
I never quite got around to eating lunch and thus was a bit hungry at 4:30pm after finally finishing up running some errands. As I headed to the L train I came upon Ramen Yebisu, took a quick look at the menu and a bowl of hot soup was exactly what I was looking for.

A number of the soups looked good on the menu, but it was the Winter Extra Spicy Ramen special that caught my eye. It’s comprised of a special broth made up of 12 spices that had some heat to it, Pork Spare Rib that fell off the bone, thin noodles, a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg, and some veggies including Jalapeño peppers that looked like mushrooms the way they cut them(luckily I didn’t hit a very hot one). I washed it down with a cup of tea that came in a big mug with an ornate lid(they do charge for the tea, which is generally a pet peeve of mind, but it was only $2).

The space itself is a cool, long and sleek space with tables and for lack of a better word Noodle Bar seating. Service is very good with a staff comprised of primarily cute girls that would start dancing when a good tune would come on and then seamlessly be serving dishes and asking how everything was. Add this to your go to Ramen joints…

Ramen Yesibu is located at 126 N6th Street in Williamsburg


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