Headless Horseman

I was looking for somewhere new to check out in the USQ area and while googling Happy Hours USQ the The Headless Horseman came up. I love the new show Sleepy Hollow and have always been a big fan of the story so figured I’d give the place a try.  Turned out to be a very cool spot. Most of the draft beers are $5 (**means its not) during the 4-8pm happy hour. They have a great selection of beers that they break up on the menu by style, many of them are Local craft beers.

Up front is a long bar that gets busy with tables across from it and more tables in the back. They have bar snacks and are connected to Ichabod’s for a full menu .The crowd is pretty friendly and outgoing. At one point my bud pointed out there were a bunch of cute girls by themselves, to which I responded most likely they just got here first and are waiting for friends…when as if on cue, one walked up to us and started chatting us up. Oh, of note for those of you into History, Washington Irving the author of Sleepy Hollow lived in the neighborhood on 17th Street a couple of hundred years ago…Use it for trivia while chatting up the cutie next to you….

The Headless Horseman is located at 119 East 15th Street


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