The WinslowI read a little while back how Gin and Tonics have become the rage throughout Spain and how they use different bitters, fruits, herbs etc to enhance the classic cocktail to new heights. Thus when I was walking across 14th Street and noticed a new spot The Winslow and saw on their menu a list of Gin and Tonics I knew I was going to try a one or two…

The Winslow offers about a dozen different premium gins to choose from. You pick one and then they add tonic and whichever fruit, herbs etc best enhances that particular Gin, thus making these far from ordinary. I tried two of them, first the Fords Gin that was enhanced with Coriander and Ginger which worked great the Ginger giving it just the right touch of sweetness and followed that up with the Deaths Door which came with a slice of Lemon, some Juniper berries and a sprig of Rosemary which really worked nicely giving it a mix if sour, sweet, and savory.

The Winslow also has a great selection of beers on tap and a well stocked bar. If you get hungry they have a full menu that ranges from upscale bar snacks such as Duck Confit Crumpets and Scotch Eggs to Fish and Chips, Steaks, and Bacon Wrapped Quail(Of note, I have not tried the food…yet). The Winslow does have a Happy Hour with a selection $5 Beers and Wines and select cocktails for $7. It’s a good sized space inside with a long bar upfront and tables in the back with plenty of space to wander around and make new friends.

The Winslow is located at 243 East 14th Street


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