Over the last few months a number of times I walked by a large space with a sign in the window proclaiming…Blue Olive Market on it and wondered what it was and when it was going to open. Then one day recently I walk by, it’s open, I step in…to a fairly large Greek Market. At Blue Olive Market it’s kind of like going Greek Island hopping…as soon as you walk in you have the Soup stand offering four soups daily. To it’s right is the sandwich, salad, cold prepared and cheese section. To the left is the Coffee, Greek Pastry and Yogurt (Greek and Frozen) section. In the center right is a bar for Wine and Beer and in the back is a grocery section on one side and a Greek Imported goods pantry on the other with a Hot Prepared section section in the back.

I absolutely love their soups (Sm $4.50/Lg $6.00) and have had of three of them thus far. On one sub-Arctic day it was the Lamb Lobster Broth(loaded with stewed lamb meat and veggies…) that was oh so rich that warmed me up. The Lamb and Leek was another winner and recently I had Blue Olive’s Fisherman’s  soup that again was loaded with fish and delish(the fish they use changes depending on market availability). From the Hot Kitchen I’ve had the Chicken Moussaka(they also have veggie and beef) that was some of the best I’ve had. It comes with 2 sides, I had the spinach and lemon potatoes.

For desert I’ve enjoyed the Melomarkarona made with honey and rosewater (just don’t ask me to pronounce it:) which was amazing and the homemade Baklava which was spectacular (of note, they have Baklava they bring in from the outside and Baklava they make on premises) They make a chocolate baklava that I still need to try and the chef will be experimenting with other flavors. I have a lot more to explore here, my Odyssey at the new Blue Olive Market has just begun…

IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3062 IMG_3080

Blue Olive Market is located at 210 East 41st Street


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