Dare you enter the Lair of the Gorgon? Oh dare you should and shall. The Gorgon is Otto’s Tacos latest entry to NYC’s burgeoning Taco scene. Not only would I put it up there as one of the best Tacos in the city…I would put it on the top Sandwich list as well it’s so epic. The Gorgon($8.00) is Carne Asada topped with guacamole and “special sauce” on a super-special fry bread that is absolutely delicious. Of note, it is not on the menu and only offered when it’s not too busy. So go off hours vs prime time for one if these.

Of course the taco’s on the menu are great and  include Carne Asada, Carnitas, Shrimp, Chicken and Mushroom tacos ($3-$3.50). To act as an appi I ordered up a Shrimp taco. They come with Serrano Crema and though technically it didn’t need it… I got some of their Salsa Verde on the side…which is soooo good I wish they would bottle they stuff to sell it to go(Hint…hint:)

The Gorgon will be plenty for most…though as stated I got a Shrimp taco to try with it. Otherwise 2-3 tacos with or without a side(Rice n Beans, Chips, Guac, etc) depending how hungry you are should do the trick.To drink they have Water, Fountain Sodas, Mexican Coke (real sugar vs corn syrup) and Horchata(like a cinnamon milk drink made with rice…delicious try one. If you’re still hungry or just simply love Churros…there’s your desert. Otto’s Tacos are some of the best in the city…but you really need to take on a Gorgon


Otto’s Tacos is located at 141 Second Avenue


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