I had literally run out of soap and was using sample packs of shampoo to wash my hair. Since I’m not the kind of guy that just buys whatever in a supermarket or pharmacy I needed to re-stock my shower soap-rack. After running around in the snowstorm as I’m heading toward the subway in Soho I see like a beacon in the night…Rituals across the street and pop in to check it out.

Three good signs as soon as I walk in

1) Aside from plenty to buy girls for gifts I see a For Him section
2) I’m offered a cup of hot tea (a very tasty Licorice Anise Black Tea)
3) Asked if I need any assistance vs having product pushed on me.

With names like Ice Shower, Blue Dragon and Cool Kami this stuff sounds like what James Bond gets treated to by exotic beauties during a Japanese bathing ritual while in Tokyo or what Viper would use while seducing Wolverine when he’s on a mission in Madripoor.  However, it was more then just the names…Japanese Mint is in many of the products from the Tatsu line and there is nothing quite like Mint to help wake you up in the morning and revive you for the coming day.

The woman’s lines are extensive including scrubs, lotions, gels, shampoos bath oils etc..with Ginseng, Cherry Blossoms, Indian Rose, Lotus Flower and the like. While Rituals is Euro based in the Netherlands, the products are Asian and Eastern influenced. Prices are fairly gentle with most of the bath and body lines in the $15-$35 range. The products are ideally meant to be used together as part of a cleansing Ritual…so make like an Eastern Princess and start one of your own…

IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3233

Rituals is located at 231 Lafayette Street ( an additional location in NYC is opening soon)


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