Believe the hype…Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop is excellent Ramen done right by a guy from Syosset LI who made it big in Japan. This is no easy feat considering Japanese culture as fascinating as it is can be a but insular and less then open to foreigners. Yet Ivan Orkin became a top chef there and has now has brought his noodles back stateside. I had  the Roasted Garlic Mazemen which was both delicious and unique, unlike any ramen I’ve had before…add a soft cooked egg in it for a flavor sensation and protein boost.

While the Shio is more along what you may have had before his again is perfectly done. Of note the Shio is has more broth, while the Mazeman is more saucy so to speak. There are a few other Ramen choices as well as some Rice dishes. Wash it down with Tea or a  Yuzu Lemonade.


Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop is located in the Gotham West Market at 600 11th avenue


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