I hit the Scope NY Art Fair this past weekend and it was loaded with great Art. Working up a hunger I hit the food area and this year Los Perros Locos was their main food vendor(with Art by URNY). I recently returned from Cartagena and was psyched to see Colombian food here. Los Perros Locos does  Colombian style street food that takes the humble “Hot Dog” to a whole nother level. Quite simply you have not enjoyed anything like this unless you grew up in Columbia. I had the Pablo Escobar(Pina Salsa, Chipolte Apple Slaw, Potato Chips and Mayo) hot dog and a Quesadilla with their “Pollo Coca Cola“, again not exactly your typical fair here and they are muy bueno. I washed it down with Postobon Apple Soda.

Along with a great selection of hot dogs to choose from and a huge and different variety of toppings (Spicy Mango, Sriracha Pico de Gallo, Chipotle Kraut, etc) they also have some tasty sounding burgers that I will need to go to their Brick n Mortar location in the Lower East Side for further investigation. Fingers crossed they add some of the delicious seafood I enjoyed in Cartagena…:)

Los Perros Locos is located at 201 Allen Street


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