Once again I am both inspired and humbled by the amazing collection of art at the Scope Art Fair. It’s International in scope and the works primarily range from the contemporary and avant garde to Pop and Street Art. Since it’s a fairly large show what I did this year was write the the name of the Artist as I took pictures and then wrote down what came to my mind at the moment. This should give you not only a good feel for the scope of the show…but a desire to go see it fir yourself if you have not done so already.

Lorenzo Quinn-Sculptures in bronze, aluminum and steel…so much raw emotion,Love Man Holding Her Heel and Tug of War, , Silas -Girl Riding a Wolf, Eliot Brown-Jester on skates, Vinz– Bird people- Sex, Violence, Ernie Vales/Evl World-Girls and Bunnies gone Bad,combo of Pop and Street Art, David Kramer-Warhol like satire on capitalism, Malcolm Liepke-Great portraiture, Stephen Mackey-Dark Fairytales, Hendrik Uldalen-Dark Dreams, Brad Kunkle-Female Squaw at one with Nature, Young Chun-Spoiled LA Glamor Girl’s, Dan Quintana-Fading grey princess, Sergey Dozhd-Mechanized tempest at sea that represents the turmoil of our inner mind. Had the opportunity to meet and speak with the Artist. Very interesting guy, so much depth and deep thought put into his work. Mark Garro-Beautiful fairytale like fantasy incorporating women and the natural world,-Pop Street Art packing a bright punch of color, Natalja Nouri-Egyptian Like Pictograph, Ben Frost-Railing against capitalist using Pop Art and cartoon and animae characters, Adam Caldwell–Female figures surrounded by abstracts, Amy Sol-Women with animals in a soft dreamlike setting…Disneylike. Valario Adami-Somewhat mechanical like figures that pop with color, Tejii Hayama  forms Male and Female forms on the cusp of puberty intermixed with seashells that have both sexual and simply natural connotations, Koh Sang Woo, Bright colorful female form, Bucketfeet-Sneakers with designs by artists from around the world(Contest for Best), The Gentlemens Game– Seahorse Riders



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