I was looking for something good and quick before a meeting and saw a line outside of the Nomad. Turned out it wasn’t to see some celebrity staying there but at Sweetgreen for salads. Their salads are big, fresh, organic, and primarily locally sourced. You can build your own or choose from one of their pre-builts. Lately I’m using the Cobb salad as my litmus taste test at Salad places(or is it joints, bars?). While Sweetgreen’s contained the usual suspects of ingredients they threw in a few twists to make it unique adding in raw corn and goat vs cheddar cheese. With Spring coming which leads to Summer this place has the stuff that’s nutritious and delicious.

Of very special note to drink Sweetgreen has an amazing Ice Tea and Lemonade selection…on tap ! Mix and match them like I did…Cucumber and Mint Lemonade and Hibiscus Ice Tea and Mint Lemonade were oh…so…good! I would come back here for these lemonades and Iced Teas alone.  Lines here are long but they do move fast or you can order on line and pick it up Thing is if you do that, you will miss out at the Incredible people watching…one of the best looking lines I’ve ever seen.

IMG_3495 IMG_3494

Sweetgreen is located at 1164 Broadway attached to The Nomad Hotel


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