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Campeon falls under the chocolate-peanut butter thing…things that go amazing together  It’s a good looking space inside that is clearly geared to attract women as well as men withs it’s leather banquettes with Cheetah prints and dark pink walls…don’t worry guys their are Flat Screens galore adoring the walls. .Campeon has a rather drink drink menu that ranges from beers on tap, in bottles to of course Margarita’s, Cocktails and a huge selection of tequilas. Since it was Friday…I started with an Oyster Shooter, a freshly shucked oyster swimming in Sauza tequila and a Negro Mondelo on tap, my bud a Sixpoint IPA.

For my my bud this was dinner time(married w/children from the burbs), I on the other-hand at 6pm just wanted to try something from the menu. Their menu is another great example of how they are catering to men and women. He had the Chipotle Pepper Burger(topped with bacon, avocado, oaxoca cheese, and chipotle cream) and I ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna Tacos (2 per order). His Burger was huge and came with waffle fries and he devoured it before I could ask if it was good…guessing it was. My Ahi Tuna Tacos were excellent consisting of perfectly grilled and garlic-cilantro seasoned thin slices of tuna with slices of avocado and mache leaves, but size wise more geared toward the petite girl looking for a protein fix after her kickboxing class then the hungry guy. Another round ordered up as well.

For my desert(read: last drink:) I had a Beer-Garita…I don’t think it was on the menu but its 3/4 of a Pint of Mexican Beer topped with a some frozen Margarita (shout out to Michelle by bud Terry’s better half for Turing me on to these in Texas) yet another chocolate-pb moment. If your looking for a great new Sports and want more then your standard grub and brews or just a place to go with your girl, go with your girls or your guy friends who aren’t big on sports but love to drink, eat, and mingle… this is your new spot

Campeon is located at 9 East 16th Street


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