I hit Art Expo on Friday for its VIP Opening Night to check out both new and past show favorites. This year the Solo section takes up quite a bit of space and varies widely from talented aspiring amateurs to some very high end works. I also noticed this year there were many more small booths then usual, but very few of the large gallery backed booths. Judging by how busy and buzzing opening night was it looks like it’s going to be a great show.

My favorites of the show(see pics below) this year were Joanne Morris-photo-realistic charcoals that were pretty amazing (of note, she uses a soft-brush) ,Garsot-Colorful Abstracts see Woman, Rose, Cupid), Lukai-beautiful portraits of women on the beach in China, Azamat-Photo-realistic Lady Macbeth w/skull, Brush-Traditional and Modern Chinese women done in Ink, Oscar Solis-Big, Bold and Beautiful with full red lips, Marco Grassi-Multi colored somewhat abstract portraits of women -(I should have picked one of these up when I first saw them a few years back), Anna Razumoskaya -Always one of the shows favorites and clearly deservedly so…I really liked her new beautiful portraits of couples, though does she do sensuous beautiful women, Stacy O’Neill-Underwater photography women and their reflections creating a colorful “kissing” effect, and  Issac Maimon-Bright and Picasso like.

Of note, for those of you looking  to acquire you can usually negotiate somewhat with the Artists and Galleries…especially on Sunday and especially on originals(so they don’t have to ship them back)…thus a great opportunity for both the Artist and the Collector to strike a fair deal…

Art Expo NY is located at Pier 94 and runs April 4-6th


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