I was heading over to Art Expo 2014 and needed a place close by to grab a bite. After doing a little research El Centro’s menu hit the nail on the head of what I was looking for. I ordered up a Michelada and started munching on Salsa and Chips that arrived table side as soon as we sat down as we went through the menu. As soon as I tasted the awesome salsa with some nice heat to it on their superior chips I knew I was in for a good meal.  We ordered up a Quesadilla to start things off and my Bro surprised me when he picked the exact one I wanted the Chorizo w/Goat Cheese and Serrano peppers. We both enjoyed it though he wanted more cheese and I a little more heat…but this is generally about as close as we get to agreeing on anything.

El Centro has a fairly large menu…but we came here for the Taco’s and they offer more then enough to choose from. The Tacos come 2 per order (of the same) or get the Taco platter where you can choose any three (3) you want plus rice and beans… which is what we decided on. They all come topped with queso blanco, pickled red onion, and watercress in addition to each tacos individual marinades and toppings. I ordered up the Coca Cola Carnitas(which was overflowing with carnitas), Negra Modelo beer battered Shrimp topped with cucumber salsa, and the Mahi-Mahi topped with caramelized onion and guac. My bro went with the same two from the sea as well but went with the Steak in a pomegranate glaze for his carne. They were also very good with the Shrimp being both our favorite…hey, did we just agree on something again? Though many of the Tacos do come with some guac…we wanted more so we ordered up a side as well.

Fully sated we headed out. El Centro is a great casual spot for drinks and very good Mexican food in Hell’s Kitchen. I need to come back to try their Chiquiles and Pozoles…

El Central is located at 824 9th Ave

IMG_3670 IMG_3669 IMG_3668

El Central is located at 824 9th Ave


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