OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Endless Summer, for some it’s a fantasy, a retirement goal, for others a surf flick from the 60’s…at Faherty Brand it’s a lifestyle. Their new and first brick n’ mortar store opened up recently on Thompson Street in Soho. Inside it looks like a Beach House with a surfboard up on the wall, posters of waves and bikini’s and sweatshirts ready to be thrown on to hit the beach.

For the ladies my favorites from their collection are the bikinis in solids, florals, batik, and geometric prints, short-shorts(with the right pair of legs will look smoking hot) and their variety of Summer Dresses (Ladies…I speak for all mankind when I tell you we love you in Summer dresses…:)

For dudes Board shorts in solids(I like the Sea Green) and plaids, striped cotton T-shirts, comfy flannel shirts (they call them Work-Shirts and come in some nice weathered solids as well) in Spring weights (available for women as well or just steal/borrow your boyfriends) baseball jerseys  and hoodies(especially the Sea Foam…also available for the ladies).

Pretty much what  you need for the Beach by day, straight to Happy Hour(Girls, I’ve been preaching this for a while…when you just throw on a tee and some shorts and go right to happy you look your best) and the grill or bonfire by night. Check out this up and coming brand and live the Endless Summer…


Faherty Brand is located at 102 Thompson Street


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