Harry's Italian

I caught up with a couple of friends for lunch recently and for a pleasant change of pace I was turned on to a spot I had yet to hit. They were craving Pizza and suggested Harry’s Italian. The menu is fairly large and full of all the old school red sauce joint kind of stuff I love and as I was looking at all the appti’s, pastas, salads, and mains…they said “we really want Pizza…let’s get Pizza…We can share one of the big Grandma (rectangular and flat) pies” So…you guys want Pizza, sure. How about a salad to make believe we are being healthy. “Sure…you pick it.” I picked the Spinach, I choose wisely. Now how about toppings…”Sure pick’em”. Harry’s offers a great selection and I love Broccoli Rabe and Prosciutto. “Sounds good…how about half with something else…like mushrooms?”Meat ball and Mushroom’s sound good? “Sold”.

The Spinach Salad here is served “warm” with mushrooms, pancetta and a sharp cheese in a balsamic dressing and was as delicious as it sounds. Both sides of the pizza were great and loaded generously with the toppings. I’m a bit of a Pizza snob and I was really impressed with Harry’s….great crust, tangy tomato dressing, fresh mozz and tasty toppings. Of note at lunch everything tops out at $15 with the exception of the Pizzas which are available small, large, Grandma(Old Fashioned on the menu) and White and go from $17-22 with toppings from $2-5. When you’re Downtown and craving some old school red sauce or Pizza like you wish your Grandma made(or did if you were lucky) Harry’s Italian is the joint you’re  looking for.

IMG_3690 IMG_3688

Harry’s Italian is located at 2 Gold Street




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