Mekong is one of those places somewhat off my beaten path but on my list to try that I finally got around to recently. When you first walk in you have some tables and a bar to grab a beverage, head to the backroom to find walls adorned with great caricatures sketches in black and white, wooden tables  and chairs for 2 to 6  and a nice big picture window for people watching.

The menu at lunch offers a fair amount to choose from and I was craving something with some heat. I also almost always order Summer Rolls with Shrimp as my litmus test at a Vietnamese restaurant and not only were these fresh and tasty….but what really set them apart was that the peanut dipping sauce also had a pool of hot sauce in it…why doesn’t everyplace do this? For my main I decided on the Spicy Beef Vermicelli which lived up to it’s name being pretty spicy.  Add Mekong to your lunch(and dinner)  spot list when you’re in the west side of Soho and Tribeca.



Mekong is located at 18 King Street


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