As the saying goes…good things come in small packages and this little spot in Murray Hill is one of my favorite new Thai joints. Ruay Thai has a good sized menu with a mix of classic and new wave Thai cooking. We started with the Tom Som(green papaya salad w/chilies and peanuts) w/squid and shrimp and the Blue Crab Dumplings steamed. Both were great and whet our appetites. They have an interesting Sake Cocktail menu and I tried Coco Cucumber which was pretty good while my friend had a wine sized bottle of Bear Republic Racer 5.

For our entrees we had the Drunken Noodles with chicken and the Pineapple Curry with shrimp. I love both of these dishes and the Pineapple Curry was particularly good…a little sweet with some heat to it. I switched to bear and had a  Hitachio White followed by a great Japanese beer in a can Yona Ale. I took a took a look at the desert menu and Ruay Thai has a far more extensive then average desert menu for a Thai joint and when I saw Chocolate banana bread pudding my eyes lit up. It was served Warm with coconut Ice cream sauce and tasted even better then it sounds.  Between the diversity of the menu, quality of the food, impressive Beer selection, great deserts and very good lunch specials…Ruay Thai deserves a place on your “where to go for Thai” list.




Ruay Thai is located at 625 Second Avenue


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