I love a good cookie, especially Chocolate Chip cookies. Then gain there are some tasty variations on Chocolate Chip cookies out there, and of course sometimes you need something a little different. Below are some of the best cookies I’ve had over the last year. The beauty of these little treats is if you can control yourself and just eat one with a cup of coffee or glass of milk…you satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining your sweet Spring into Summer bod…Enjoy:)

Birdbath Bakery  – Coconut Cookie. 35 Third Avenue

Cannibel at WestGotham Market – Lemon Pistachio. 600 11th Avenue

Empire Bakery -Red & White and Black & White Cookies. 112 8th Avenue

Little Fox Cafe – Coconut Chocolate Chip. 62 Kenmare Street

Insomnia – Mint Chocolate Chip. 482 Third Avenue

Jacques Torres– Chocolate Chunk. 350 Hudson Street.

Maison Keyser – Pistachio White Chocolate Chunk. 8 West 40th Street

Momofuku Milk Bar – Compost Cookie (the kitchen sink of chocolate cookies) 251 East 13th Street

Schmackary Cookies – Choconut Chip (coconut, walnuts, sea salt, chocolate chips) 362 West 45th Street

Wayside – Brown Butter Salted Chocolate Chip. 139Eat 12th Street

Black&White,Red&White CookiesIMG_2391IMG_2898


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