Blackseed Bagel w/Tobiko CC

Soho finally gets a Bagel shop and much like Soho it has NY style with some International flavor. The Black Seed Bagels are a mix of New York & Montreal style bagels. The main difference being Montreal ones are boiled in honey sweetened water and then finished in a wood fired oven. Bagels are $1.50 each and come in plain, sesame seed, poppy seed, salt and everything. The bagels are mid sized and I was fully sated without being stuffed.

They have the usual suspect cream cheeses ($1.50 and up) some tasty fish spreads ($3.50 and up) like Tobiko cream cheese that is the “crack” of cream cheeses (I literally finished every drop of it, even what was left on the wax paper off…though since in public used my finger) with the Bluefish spread on my list to try. They also have “sliced fish including Beet Cured Lox and Rainbow Trout($6 and up) Toppings include tomatoes, cucumber, onion etc and not the usual suspects like Watermelon radish which I liked so much I went out and bought one. With so much to choose from I ordered a Sesame Bagel with Tobiko spread and Watermelon Radish on top and it was awesome. To drink they have juices and Stumptown coffee, which is one of my favorites!

Black Seed’s bagels were so good I had to get an Everything to go and of course a quarter pound of my newest addiction…Tobiko Cream Cheese to go. Of note, the next day my everything bagel was still soft and just toasted it a bit. The place does get lines so go off hours or enjoy the sunny weather and people watching while you wait.

Black Seed Bagels is located at 170 Elizabeth Street



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