After a drought of no Bagel shops to be found in the Soho area for as long as I can remember another contender enters the new downtown upscale Bagel Joint scene.  I sat down at the long counter and ordered up a cup of coffee to rev my engine and look through Baz’s almost Diner sized menu at 6 pages. What I like about it is that you can simply get a bagel with just cream cheese, fancy with Lox (or even go pizza bagel…the place is in Little Italy:) get lox and eggs with a bagel on the side, Chicken Soup, a healthy salad or go big and get a fancy “tasting plate of sliced fish and/or fish salads.

I figured when in Rome so to speak and ordered the house special the Baz(Nova with scallion cream cheese, tomato and onion on a Pumpernickel Everything). I really like the bagels here, they are classic New York bagels that are not over-sized, but right sized, a little chewy in the inside and a little crisp on the outside. If you like Pumpernickel their Everything version is awesome and though I’m an old school belly lox guy…the Nova was top notch and delicious.

Baz’s Interior is decorated more like a Diner in Miami, Florida then a spot in Soho/Little Italy which I think works since I like places that transport you. There’s a long counter to sit at and about a dozen tables for 2-4. The space is adorned with Palm Trees, wallpaper with palm fronds and pink walls.The staff is friendly, attentive,  and affable though unlike the SoBe decor they are definitely  LES/Billyburg(a good thing in my book).

On the way out I grabbed a piece of their Chocolate Babka to taste which was insane it was so good. I hope they sell them to go. The mini Black and White cookies looked pretty good come to think of it too…


Baz Bagel and Restaurant is located at 181 Grand Street


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