I love Ice Cream…I mean truly deeply love the stuff. So when I heard a new high end Ice Parlor was opening up and was going to get creative with the flavors I was in. Morgenstern’s Ice Cream menu groups the flavors under three “primary” flavors Vanilla(ie Peppermint, Bourbon) Chocolate(ie Luxardo Cherry Road, Szechuan Peppercorn ), Caramel(ie Salted, Sesame) Specials( actually quite a few that very from Durian Banana to Black Ass Licorice to Raw Milk) and a large selection of Sorbets (most of these are vegan) Aperol Grapefruit, Coconut, Huckleberry. You top your ice cream with a number of toppings that include your basics like  Dark Fudge, Toasted Coconut and Chocolate jimmies and your not so basics like Pickled Pineapples, Armagnac Caramel and Aleppo Pecans.

I’ve been here twice so far and enjoyed a 2 dip of Chocolate Luxardo Cherry Road and the Pistachio Dark Fudge. If you love Cherries, have a thing for chocolate and are a bit nuts…you will go crazy for the Cherry Road. The Pistachio is loaded with its chopped namesake and rich fudge. Next time I went I had the Jungle Bird sorbet that is an amazing blend of  Lime, Rum, Pineapple ,and Campari and a scoop of Sesame Caramel. I already asked if they are going to do pints to put in perspective how much I love this stuff.

Portion wise the size the scoops are more European or South American in size. However the flavors are delicious and especially for Summer I feel they are right sized. You can satisfy your Ice Cream cravings (I’m an addict during the Summer:) without feeling stuffed and guilty. Prices vary from 1 scoop for 4.00, 2 scoops for $6 to $9 for a 3 dip in a Monster Cone. They also have (see Menu below) a number of Sundaes, Shakes, Floats with homemade Soda’s and Affagatos (which I love and need to go get one). They also have Coffee drinks and Pastries in the morning.

The space is bright white with blue moldings. An L shaped counter space half of it facing on the street with a great view for people watching  and 4 individual elementary school like desks.Needless to say…I’ll be back


Morgenstern’s is located at 2 Rivington Street



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